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Steve HolbrookHi, and welcome to my website. Please feel free to use the links and find out a little bit more about my work as a Medium. As you see, I travel around the country working to different audiences in a wide range of venues, from small intimate evenings, to larger theatres.

I hope you will find a venue that suits you, and I very much look forward to seeing you soon.

Also, if you would like to listen to my interview with Liz Green at BBC Radio Leeds use the player below.

My evenings are very popular, so if you would like to attend one please use the telephone booking number to reserve tickets in advance. This number is shown next to each venue on the VENUES PAGE. . You can also book certain venues online.

If you are new to my work you may find it useful to look at YOUR EMAILS where you can read a selection of the emails that many of you send me. There are some lovely comments as you will see and I do appreciate your feedback very much, so I thank you for them.

PRIVATE READINGS People often ask me if I give individual sittings. I do not, because I feel that I can reach more people through my public demonstrations. If you have never been to one of these evenings and would like to know more about what happens, please look at My Evenings page.

I love to read your comments about any of my demonstrations, but am sorry that I cannot always answer your emails personally due to time pressures. You may hear from one of my support team, who are very pleased to reply on my behalf. I will always read your emails though, without fail, and many of them will be shown on the 'your emails' page - after first asking for your permission of course.

BOOK 4 'A WORLD OF MY OWN' IS MY NEW BOOK AND IS AVAILABLE TO ORDER ON BUY BOOKS (Third menu item down, on the left). It's published by Mage Publishing & co-written by James Christie & myself. It has been an adventure to write and it is a pleasure to share more of my life with you all.
If you are enquiring on behalf of a Sports & Social Club, Hotel, or a private booking (minimum numbers of 80), please email your enquiry in the first instance. I do have a very full diary so spare dates are limited. Please email Rob my Manager on rob.green2017@outlook.com and we will try our best to respond within 7 working days. Or alternatively call Rob on 07834 218427
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