Welcome to my links page, where there are links to various contacts who may be of interest to you.

Holistic Wellbeing
Lovely people Ann and Jonathan who run various healing treatments, Yoga and Pilates, private readings, development classes, Reiki massage etc. Lovely place in an old mill, with a great vibe to it.

Anyone in the local area who needs a little Spiritual pampering would be encouraged to give them a try. Their Website is

  • Marie is a fully qualified AAMET International EFT Practitioner & Trainer who teaches Emotional Freedom Techniques Worldwide - she works with these Energy techniques as a Speciality with Animals and/or their owners. This can be done surrogately, in person, or by Skype for an array of issues such as anxiety, fear, stress, bereavement and other trauma.

    Marie is so passionate about all animals and their energetic well-being that she has founded the Animal Energy World Conference with International Speakers. This year the Conference is being held in Manchester and you can see more about this by visiting the Website below, on which Marie features. You can also contact her on 07413 353550.

    Margaret North - Spiritual Medium

    Margaret is based in Castleford, West Yorkshire. She gives Private Readings - and for more information on the other services she provides, please contact her on 07927 975284 or visit her website.

    The Therapy Pod

    Run by Lesley Jackman, who is RGN1 qualified & has a Diploma in Holistic Therapies.

    The Practice is based in Newquay & provides a range of Holistic and complementry therapies - including Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki.

    For appointments, call Lesley on 07531 534683 or email on

    Caroline Tipping - 'Bowen Therapist'
    The Bowen technique is a gentle remedial therapy which stimulates the body to re-balance itself, and promotes healing & pain relief - boosting the body's own natural ability to heal itself. It is one of the most straightforward and effective therapies. Caroline is based in Yorkshire.

    For further information please email Caroline on

    Lynda Feeney - Holistic Therapist
    Lynda is in the Yorkshire area - her areas of expertise are Holistic Therapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Body Massage. If you have any form of Muscle Pain please email Lynda - She is highly recommended.

    Jo Lister - Tarot Reader and Intuitive
    Jo is based in the Southwest (Chard) and is always very popular. She also gives readings by telephone if you are not local to her. Contact Jo on 07941 168032 or visit her website for further information.

    Spiritualists National Union
    For your own awareness & Development.
    Many of our Spiritualist Chuches are affiliated to the SNU, based in Stansted, Essex. The SNU is a good starting point for many of your questions about Spiritualism - and any questions you may have about your own possible natural gifts.

    You can also find a local church by going to their website - and I hope that this link will be a useful one.

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