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For anyone wanting to know more about Life after death,the first three of these best-selling books by James Christie are a valuable addition to any collection. They delve into my work as a medium and give an insight into my genuine gift. I can assure you that all the messages you hear at one of my evenings are from people who have left our physical World.

The book at the bottom of the page, by Jill, is the story of my meeting with Jill & Roger following the death of their daughter Lisa at the age of only 23. She died as a result of a freak accident of Carbon Monoxide poisoning at her digs in London. Lisa was training to be a ballet dancer and was a very fit young lady at the time as you can imagine.

I have written an introduction to Jill's Book, and since then we have all become very good friends.

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The Light in the Darkness

Stephen Holbrook has been described as "One of Britain's Most Accurate Mediums". Author James Christie, who has had more than thirty years' experience working in the realm of the paranormal, has written a highly revealing and illuminating biography that not only gives deep insight into the everyday life of a modern clairvoyant, but also provides a valuable introduction to the world of spiritualism.

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Out of this World

This is the second book by James Christie that gives a more intimate insight to Stephen's work and also more stories from the people who have been lucky enough to receive messages.

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Steve Holbrook - Survival

" Survival" is the third part of the Stephen Holbrook biography and is arguably one of the most definitive works on clairvoyance and clairvoyants written in the 21st Century. Using one of the UK's finest spiritualist mediums as his muse, author James Christie takes us on a veritable tour de force as he probes the deepest depths of the psychic mind and provides answers to some of the questions Man has been asking since the beginning of time.

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Steve Holbrook Trilogy

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The first three books about Stephen Holbrook, written by James Christie. This Trilogy provides an insight into the life of a Medium who has a rare gift, and uses it with compassion.


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One Moment in Time

This is Jill's book. It has received lovely reviews in the press and has been recommended by many who have read the book.

It is about the tragic death of Jill & Roger's daughter Lisa and their 'chance' meeting with me shortly after.


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