How it all started

Steve sitting on a chairWhen I was a young lad a very strange thing occurred. I was in bed asleep and was suddenly woken at 4.00 am by my granddad - he was at the foot of my bed. I had no idea how he could be there because my family and I had recently been to visit him in hospital. He said to me calmly, I have just come to say goodbye. Naturally, mum did not believe me and thought I was dreaming.Later that morning though, it all became very real to me, when the hospital phoned to say that granddad had died at 3.55am!

That event seemed to be a catalyst for me, because after that I was able to hear the Spirit World but at that time I did not realise the significance of what was happening. At the age of about sixteen I went to see our Doctor, who asked me what I was actually hearing - and after several visits he suggested that I go to the Spiritualist Church nearby but he said, do not tell anyone I told you that!

It took me some time to pluck up the courage but eventually I took his advice and found myself amongst people who could help and advise me. They suggested that I could use this wonderful gift to help people cope with their grief of losing a loved one, and now I thank Steve head & shouldersthem for giving me the guidance and reassurance that I needed then, because I can now appreciate what a rare gift I have.

At this point it may be useful for you to know that rather than just being clairvoyant, I am mainly clairaudient - in other words, I hear voices, which are sometimes in my head and sometimes as if a person is standing next to me whispering in my ear. These voices can be crystal clear or they can be rather muffled, but either way I know they are the voices of people who have passed on from this life to the next. The information that is given to me, which can sometimes seem rather trivial to an onlooker, is always so personal to the recipient of the message. Because of that, there is no doubt in my mind as to who these voices belong to- Therefore it does provide some very challenging evidence for life after death.

With all the current media interest in spiritual matters, I am often asked to work on television at the moment I will not do this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I have three young children who do not see enough of me anyway. Secondly, I am not happy with mediumship being presented as some sort of TV entertainment that is not to say that a demonstration of clairvoyance cannot be entertaining, because it can (and is), but at least in a live evening there can be no convenient out-takes.

My gift is, to me, the most natural thing in the world and not at all spooky- From my experiences you cannot die for the life of you!

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