How my gift can help you

When a loved one passes on, especially if it is sudden & tragic, the shock and emptiness we personally experience is the same for all of us. For some people their unquestioning faith will no doubt help them to carry on in this life and to accept the inevitable - that we are all vulnerable and cannot escape the fact that we will die at a given time and meet again in heaven. However for a lot of people, that kind of unquestioning faith is not acceptable to them. For some, death opens up more questions about why we are here in the first place. For instance, why do we have to face the sometimes very difficult traumas in this life if we do not know of anything to look forward to in the next. I meet a lot of people that are searching for some evidence to show that their loved ones are alright, and have arrived safely that is, wherever arrived may be!!!

I am clairaudient and during my demonstrations I am able to give individual messages to people in the audience. These messages that I am able to hear, are from family or friends who have died - and can be in various accents and dialects. However, I am unable to contact these people to order- they contact me to pass on their messages to loved ones in the audience, using me as their telephone during the evening. I truly believe that this rare ability has been given to me for a reason, and I feel it is a privilege to use it so that I can help people in their search for proof that we do survive death.

I would like to introduce you to Jill, who will briefly tell her story as a mother of three daughters:

When Roger and I met Steve in 1991, after the sudden death of our daughter at the age of 23, we found it so hard to believe that Lisa was still around us and very much alive in her new life. It was suggested that we go to our local Spiritualist Church and see if they could be of help to us. Steve was giving a demonstration there, although we did not know of him at that time. After watching his demonstration and the reactions of people receiving messages, we chatted with him and found the whole experience to be so uplifting. It was such a boost for us to be aware that our lovely daughter was in her new life somewhere and not alone. Since then, Steve has also been there for us when we have wanted answers to our many questions, and he knows that I will not accept anything unless I know it to have substance. Over the years that we have known Steve he has proved to us, and countless others, exactly how genuine his gift is. We hope that he is able to help you as he has helped us, and we thank him for all he has done over the years - so we can continue in knowledge and not just hope. Steve does not know all the answers, and he would be the first to agree with that, but he can at least point many of us in the right direction.


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