News Update


It has never been my intention to glean supposed evidence from any of the people to whom I relay messages. I do not like to ask questions, unless of course they are necessary to clarify a point. As for reading body language, I cannot even see at least half of the audience. However, I do like to hear the sound of their voice because that is the vibration on which I work, as I am Clairaudient. Most of the audience keep their reply to a simple 'yes' or 'no'. It is not often I foretell future events, but on the occasions I do, this evidence is given to me by a family member who has passed-on, having previously identified themselves to the recipient of the message, by way of names, ages, address or medical condition. So-called 'cold reading' I would imagine to be very hard - however I do not encounter this difficulty as I am not a cold reader, simply a channel for those who have passed away to communicate with their loved ones in the audience, after they have been vetted by my guide.

'Cold reading' never needs to be part of my Mediumship anyway, because I have such a natural and genuine gift of clairaudience.

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