All the people who attend my demonstrations will have noticed that my left arm and hand is held in a rigid position while I am demonstrating. Sometimes I forget to mention to the audience what is happening to my arm, as it has become so natural to me - so for the benefit of those who havenât seen what happens and would like an explanation, please read on.

One of my guides is called Archie May, who is constantly with me during the demonstrations and he shows his presence by altering the state of my left arm and hand. I cannot use my hand as it becomes very cold, stiff and sometimes blue in colour, in fact a sort of paralysis takes over. My psychic impression of who Archie May was, has always been that he would have been a sergeant in the first world war, either killed in action or seriously maimed.

One day, James Christie was talking with a friend of his who had taken up genealogy and James mentioned Archie May, wondering if she might be interested in trying to find out more about him. James has written in my third book SURVIVAL about the extensive search that produced three people called Archie May and one of them proved, by a long process of elimination, to be most likely the gentleman who is now my guide. He used to be a hairdresser and came from a family of Spiritualists. Talk about coincidence, although as you know I donât believe in coincidence! So Archie May helps me in my work and I find it very comforting to know that he is around, and he shows me that he is around by using my arm as his confirmation that he is with me to help.


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